Comedic Gold

It’s rare for a comment to get me in stitches quite like this one did, and frankly, I think the thing was so darn funny I want to share it with everyone else too.

JC_Icefox posted the following on a preview of Cataclysm Raids on

It is possible MINOR SPOILERS may be present, if you are not into spoilers, please look away.

The post points out that:

The Dark Iron Golem Council [Rhii’s Note: an encounter in Blackwing Descent] looks interesting to me. I wonder how much that fight might resemble the Iron Council from Ulduar, but that’s probably just a naming coincidence. And, I’ll admit, it’s starting to seem like council fights are standard issue for any new raid. If so, I applaud the running joke.

And the commenter replies:

I’m honestly curious as to why all these evil organizations even -have- all these councils. Not only that, but battle-ready ones, no less.

I can only imagine what the meetings are like.

“Before we discuss last weeks minutes, I’d like to thank Del’koros’s mum for these delicious scones.”

“Now, just so we’re all on the same page, there is a band of adventurers working on Mr. Wyrmbane, so we may have to cut our schedule short. Any nominatons for who will Yell our aggro speech?”

“I’d like to nominate Deathicus, he has always been the best public speaker”


“Very well, all in favor?”


“Motion passes. Well, it sounds as though they’ve wiped again, so that should buy us some time. First issue on the docket, the dragon corpses are starting to decay and some of the Cultists are concerned about the safety hazard and the smell.”

“Most of ’em are Warlocks, what in blazes are they complaining for?!”

“Regardless, we need to file the concern. We don’t need another Union uprising. Oh dear, it looks as though those pesky mortals got through. Deathicus, if you please.”

Deathicus yells: We will have your blood and bones presented to Cho’Gall himself! For the Glory of the Hammer!

“See, I said he was a good speaker!”

Genius, JC_Icefox! I don’t know who you are, but I approve!

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2 Responses to Comedic Gold

  1. Tam says:

    Oh that's brilliant :)

  2. “Before we discuss last weeks minutes, I’d like to thank Del’koros’s mum for these delicious scones.”

    Now that is funny.

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