Tailor, LFW

I’m pretty sure I’ve recently become the foremost producer of netherweave bags on Kel’Thuzad.

I’m not telling you the name of my bank alt, you hecklers!

But if you sell a lot of netherweave cloth or if you’re a consumer of many bags or … gasp… a competitor, you’ll recognize her name I suspect. (She’s a cute cow in a white wedding dress.) I buy about thirty or so stacks of netherweave every time I hit the AH, which is several times a week, and then I stockpile the bags and sell 10-15 a day, as long as the price is reasonable.

And I’ve learned a few things for the beginning bag salesman. I’m not going to get deep and tricksy  here, just basic stuff.

First off, why netherweave bags? Frostweave are bigger and more expensive… Answer: Netherweave bags are very popular with people leveling alts. It’s a tad exorbitant to lay out for Frostweave for your level 3… and unless people have a lot of gold, they won’t do it. They’re going to buy the one that best balances usefulness (16 slots) with average price (<20g). Plus the mats for netherweave tend to be cheaper, and you can learn the recipe earlier, thus giving you a head start on making money, and allowing you to build up some buffer before you start heading for Frostweave country.

The first is a simple matter of math. 1 stack of netherweave = 1 bag. Don’t laugh. You need to know this. This is helpful in estimating your cloth/profit ratios.

Watch your average prices for both mats and bags. You will soon start to notice that prices seem to hover around a certain point. On my server, the price of a stack of netherweave averages approximately 10g. Add 50s for your thread, and the approximate cost of producing the bags is 10.5g. Not bad. The average selling point on my server is approximately 18g. 7.5g profit per bag. Again, not bad.

There are ways to make the profit bigger and the expenditure smaller. Usually there’s a weekly trend. Some days tend to be low, some high. On my server, weekends see a rise in the cost of netherweave cloth. I suspect the schoolkids who are only allowed to play on weekends are buying all the netherweave they can get their hands on so they can level their bandaids. Conversely, the price of bags goes down, again, because all the tailors with limited online time are trying to level their profs quickly and flooding the market.  Don’t buy and sell on these days! If the cost of a stack of netherweave is 12.5g and the bag is going for 11g, that is a bad deal! Don’t even sell bags you made earlier on that day.

On my server, Monday is the reverse swing of the weekend trend. Today I bought my thirty stacks of netherweave (some of them remotely through the AH beta) for approximately 6g a piece. The market is pretty depleted, since the weekend crowd is gone, and the bag price has skyrocketed to 20.5g. Thats 14g profit per bag if I can manage to sell them. However, you if you list too many you can inadvertently drive the price back down again. I like to bleed 5-10 bags out at a time until the price goes back down gradually. And it will, until it’s low point on the weekend again.

Finally, if you buy a lot of one resource, you WILL drive the price up. The more netherweave I buy, the more demand there is for netherweave, and the higher the average price gets. At some point you will start to notice that when you haven’t bought any cloth for a few days, the price goes down. You can cleverly take advantage of that fact and plan your buying campaigns with space in between. Get a whole lot of cloth, stockpile bags… sell them slowly without running the price into the dirt. Leave space between your shopping sprees. When you return the price won’t be so inflated as if you bought cloth every day for two weeks.

Yes, you’re going to have to make a lot of bags to make good money on this it’s pretty fast and easy though. I do supplement with my secondary profession, epic gem transmutes.

One more thing I have learned on this rollercoaster, don’t tell your guildies your bank alt’s name. Eventually you are going to buy from or sell to them by accident. And if it’s not a good deal, and they find out, things could get uncomfortable. I bought over 200g of netherweave cloth from my GM the other day because I didn’t know his bank alt’s name, and he didn’t know my bank alt’s name. Later we found out and laughed about it. Fortunately it was a good deal for both of us (he sold it cheap, which was what I needed; I bought it fast, which was what he needed).

Anyway, it’s been an interesting ride. Anyone have further insights on the bag trade?

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  1. Mauddib says:

    I see your point about secret bank alt names. I dont have mine secret, once when bid on an item (because it was below vendor cost) from a random, who turned out to be a guildie. I only found out when he cancelled the auction and mailed me the items. I didn't like to point out I didn't actually want them, but was just trying to sell them for a profit.

    • Rhii says:

      Yeah, that's exactly the kind of situation I'd like to try to avoid. I think it's funny that sometimes I don't pay attention and buyout my boyfriend's auctions by accident! 😛

  2. jaedia says:

    I like to keep my bank alt's name secret too, only the other half knows and that's only because he sits next to me.

    I also use bags to make gold, netherweave bags are great because of the minimal amount of mats that go into them. On my server I can get the cloth for around 7-8 gold a stack, and sell bags from anywhere between 10-25gold, depending on the day and how many are also selling. Today they're 10g and I'm holding off until they got up a bit. Emerald Bags are awesome too, I switched to Moonshroud tailoring and I herb a lot for glyphs and potions, so the Frost Lotus is easy to come by. Nobody else seems to bother so I can keep one or two up for about 650g each. Of course Glacial Bags as well, though some days these go down to 300g which personally I don't think is worth it when they often go for 500g each. Frostweave Bags I don't really bother with because it's a lot of gold when they only sell for about 50g each, instead I use my Frostweave on the above, and Frostsavage Gear, which I can sell for about 90-120g per item.

    <3 Tailoring :p
    My recent post Banning Ninja Looters

    • Rhii says:

      My boyfriend also knows the bank alt's name, because he and I share a personal guild vault. Sort of necessitates knowing who the bankers are when you do that. 😛

  3. Linda says:

    On my server, NW bags sell for 8 or 9 gold so buying the cloth right is important. FW bags tend to sell at or below cost so NW bags are better.

    BTW, I have never understood NW bags for the consumer. I tend to buy the Moonncloth bag or Traveller's since those are not BoE so you can sell them when you buy FW of Gigantics or herb or w/e.

    • Rhii says:

      Oh I definitely agree that it varies by server. On my old server, the market was so flooded with everything, nothing was worth much at all. To make money you had to either buy cheap and resell or sell high end crafted epics.

      With netherweave bags, once I'm done with them as my primary bag, I tend to shift them to my bank, so I really don't want to sell them. But I like the resellable 6 and 8 slot bags for throwaway alts or very low level alts. So if I decide I'm not keeping them, it's not a permanent investment

    • timmins says:

      In my experience, mooncloth bags are way more expensive (more than double, usually) netherweave.

      So I could buy a really expensive set of bags and move them around, sure. But I like to level my alts in parallel. So when I all of a sudden want to tank a lvl 30 dungeon, it's incredibly annoying to all of a sudden realize I have only a dozen bag slots open.

      I would much rather spend the same amount outfitting 3 characters with every bag they will ever need, rather than just buying one set I can trade between characters.

      Then, when they become obsolete, you can throw them in the bank as extra storage for that alt's professions.

      If the price was comparable, it would make sense. But the price discrepancy is large, in my experience.

    • isheepthings says:

      I myself stocked up mooncloth bags back in vanilla so the regular NW bags don't move me as far as alts go. I have been known to liquidate my own NW cloth reserves into bags though. I don't make a habit of the bag market though…found other markets that are more profitable for me.

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