My Cataclysm Wish List: Update Account Banks

No not bank accounts.  Account banks!  Banks that are shared across your characters!  Think of it as a guild bank that is accessible by all your alts instead of the rest of the guild.  I know this idea doesn’t sound that original because it was mentioned and commented by a blue a few weeks back (Couldn’t find the thread so if you can, please lmk so I can update).  But everyone has been dreaming of something like this since the release of guild banks.  How many times have you said “Yeah I got the mats but they are on an alt…let me log over and grab them” or had to mail start shifting around items spending 1000’s and 1000’s of….copper…on postage?  Then you have to log out and log back in which is quite the hassle due to load times if you are a modaholic like me.  That was one of the positive things mentioned by the blue on this topic.  Having a feature like this will reduce the load on the mail servers for WoW.  It seems to me that the framework is pretty close to already being there with guild banks…why not just hook it up to the character bank interface and you could use the tabs for which character you access.

A good counter argument to this would be to simply say “well now we’ve pretty much gurarenteed everyone is going to use all 10 character slots on the server and clog up reserved character names or bloat Blizzard’s character databases.   How many of you already have lvl 1 alts just for the free bank space.  Thats pretty easy to combat…pay an additional gold sink (1000g?) per tab to set up the “goblin network” that’d allow you to access each character.  This would fix everyone from simply rollin up 9 lvl 1 alts for maximum bank space because of a 9k+ price tag.  OR who even says it has to be a character its linked too?  Give us just as much space (again add the gold sink into additional tabs) but don’t treat the bank as per character.  Treat it like a shared storage EXACTLY like guild banks.   That way I could use one slot on the realm and have 10 banks worth of space.

Other issues are what will become of soulbound items?  Right now you can store them into the bank but if the bank is shared?  Perhaps they’d just be reded out or the tooltip will be tagged with who its bound to.   There may be some additional work here but I don’t know how to squash every bug!  I’ve heard it suggested that some people want the ability to attach your authenticator to the bank.  Something like this would have to be optional because it’d get old quick I suppose but the belief is it would cut down on hacked account goods but honestly, if you already have a authenticator on your account, nobody should be getting in anyway.

Blizzard has agreed that storage is in need of some updating with the starting backpack only running 16 slots and how they’ve mentioned looking into a way to carry around “gear sets” virtually.  There is a thousand arguments on what could be handled virtually(tabards anyone?) but I think giving us a update to character banks is a step in the right direction.  What are your thoughts?

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9 Responses to My Cataclysm Wish List: Update Account Banks

  1. Rhii says:

    Heck Yes! I, Rhii, approve this message.

  2. Altoholic lady says:

    Oh yes! Gief!

  3. Aislynn says:

    Love this idea!

  4. Spitt says:

    I already have a account bank, it's called a guild bank, but all my characters are in it, and I have 5 tabs – almost time to buy the sixth.
    If I need items, or gold for one toon, I just run to the bank. No need to log into alts and what not.

    Assuming for a moment, that they had an account bank, I would assume they would charge just as much for the extra slots.

    However, for the smart, there already is an account bank, it's called mail. You don't have to get items out of the mail, its simply a matter of leaving the items within the mail system, after 30 days, it gets bounced back to your sending toon, and bounced back between them both, every 30 days, but it's unlimited storage. It's a trick I learned from gold farmers, but it works damn well.
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    • isheepthings says:

      Well I have a guild bank as well on an alt with all 6 tabs….its nice but you still face the "gotta jump on the alt" scenario for those who don't have 100% of their characters in your alt guild..

      And I'm aware of the "ghetto bank" that is the mail system :) But I can't trust it. Too often already do I receive a letter from "The Postmaster" who "recovered an item that belonged to you in the twisting nether". And it especially doesn't work for someone who does as much AH selling/buying as I do. Sometimes I already have 300 mail's waiting and having the first 20 slots taken up by letters with saronite attachments doesn't sound efficient. It also weighs down the mail system of the server…if everyone would do it then you'd notice how poor of a solution that'd be.

  5. Linda Pelfrey says:


    With lots of addons and the problems with Servers, there have been at least three times in the last couple of months where logging was problematic. It is never fast.

    BTW, if they forced me to BattleNet, then I would like it to be per "BattleNet Account" – For one thing, it would make a nice way for BoA to go to my, but not other's, characters.

    I have three Guild banks, but they only work for alts not in a player guild. With Cata going to reward/require the profession toons to be in a player guild, they will be even less useful.

    Having an alt mail you consumables is helpful. But mail breaks down when you get over about 100 messages in a toon's mailbox. Knowing something is 400 messages deep in your mailbox is a PITA.

    • isheepthings says:

      Yeah cataclysm is going to encourage more guild team work and I could see people bringing more alts into the "main guild" for guild talent leveling purposes. But remember only the top 25 players or so will have their points counted for that day.

      I thought all players were on BattleNet accounts now? If not then I'm pretty sure its something that they will eventually force on everyone.

      I also "Had" 3 guild banks but decided to buy more tabs on one bank rather then be cheap and just store items across 3 banks.

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