My Cataclysm Wish List: Better bandages

Yeah I know we’re going to get the obvious “Heavy Cataclysmic Bandage” but in this day and age, I think bandages need an overhaul.  The game has been out for  more then 5 years and nothing has been touched about this aspect of the game besides sliding up the bar on how much they heal.  Right now [Heavy Frostweave Bandage] heals 5800 over 8 seconds.  That’s about 15%-30% of what I would consider average health of a OK geared level 80 ranging from us paper-mâché mages to titansteel plated sherman tanks.

The amount healed is drop in the bucket for some…an ok result for others.  But the main issue is that bandages are for in-combat situations.  If  you are questing, most people use food as it gives you additional buffs and no debuff.  If you want to stop in the middle of a battleground, stand still channeling this heal spell (assuming that stupid rogue doesn’t backstab you after 1 sec), and only gain back 1/3 of your life  then be my guest.  I’ll see you after a 30 second spirit healer rez.  For 8 sec the payoff seems pretty small to me.  What they need to do is expand on these to make them a little more worth while.

After reminiscing with a guildmate, I was reminded that waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the day,  there was such a thing as a [Mooncloth Bandage].  This healed something like 4000 hp on a level 60.  This was when there was only [Heavy Runecloth Bandage].  Yes…mooncloth on a 24h cooldown could be used on a bandage that healed nearly 100% of your life.   Pretty steep price because all of the [Mooncloth] at that time went into 16 slot [Mooncloth Bag]’s but those that could afford it had the option.  Since patch 3.3.3 dropped the cooldown on making the wrath special cloths ([Moonshroud][Ebonweave][Spellweave]) the price of these has absolutely tanked on my server.  66%-75% drop in what they used to run.  They even dropped the benefit you gained when you crafted them. Converting these types of cloth into special bandages doesn’t sound all that expensive anymore as long as their benefit is balanced and worth the effort.

I’m not even going to pretend to be an expert here but if I’m paying thirty to forty gold for a bandage this is what I’d like to see:

[Moonshroud Bandage] – Requires First Aid (450).  Use: Heals 10,000 damage over 4 sec.  Grants  [Moonshroud Residue] thats lasts 30 minutes and gives you 20 mana regeneration every 5 seconds.
[Ebonweave Bandage] – Requires First Aid (450).  Use: Heals 10,000 damage over 4 sec.  Grants  [Residue of Darkness] thats lasts 30 minutes and increases critical strike rating by 20.
[Spellweave Bandage] -Requires First Aid (450).  Use: Heals 10,000 damage over 4 sec.  Grants  [Nexus Residue] thats lasts 30 minutes and increases haste rating by 20.

They’d encourage maxing first aid, heal quickly, heal adequately, and also make use of buffs already in the game.  And we don’t have to limit it to just tailoring cloths.  What about modifying what existing bandages can do?  Perhaps we’ll see something like this expanded upon in Path of the Titans.  One of the already suggested examples in Path of Golganneth already includes

Rank II Medic  – Bandages heal targets by an additional 30%

Why did we quit at [Strong Anti-Venom]? First aid was supposed to be cooler then what we have now.  Blizzard has been toying around with some ideas already. Few people know about the [Intravenous Healing Potion] but actually its kind of a cool item.  Back in Wrath of the Lich King beta, there was a manual that dropped and taught you [Dense Frostweave Bandage].  This healed you quicker but not quite as much.  I love that mechanic!  Give us choice! It’s a shame that didn’t make it into the game. What if we could talk to [Olisarra the Kind] and be trained on some type of Rejuvenation Bandage.  It might have something like a 2 second channel time but heals X over 15 seconds so you can put it on and get moving again.  Perhaps it would be removed if damaged before the buff was finished.  Maybe in addition to RP type items like [Antiseptic-Soaked Dressing] Angelique Butler could sell a Antiseptic item that applies to a stack of bandages like the engineering kits.  Something like:

[Antiseptic Spray Kit] – Requires First Aid (450).  Use: Converts 20 Heavy Frostweave Bandages into Antiseptic Frostweave Bandages.  “Warning: Keep away from your eyes”
[Antiseptic Frostweave Bandage] – Will attempt to cleanse a friendly target, removing 1 poison effect, 1 disease effect, and 1 magic effect.  “Warning: The Azerothian Health Council suggest avoiding such activities that might result in such ailments”

There is many possibilities here.  I don’t think any of these would be considered unbalanced or taking a job away from a healer.  If thats your argument, what about [Runescroll of Fortitude]?  First aid is waaaaaaaaaaay over due for its regular checkup!   I wanna hear what you guys think.   What Ideas do you have?

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11 Responses to My Cataclysm Wish List: Better bandages

  1. Adreanna says:

    I agree! Does anyone even use bandages anymore?

  2. Rades says:

    I also agree. The only time I use bandages is when I am freaking desperate (pet soloing something and trying to keep myself alive while the pet tanks, the only survivor in defending a base in a BG, etc.).

  3. Rhii says:

    I really love these ideas. I laboriously level first aid with every new toon, and I barely ever use it, even on the ones that don't heal themself. It could be such a cool prof.

    I remember when the game was new, first aid was actually cited as one of its strong points… that non healer classes actually had a way to heal themselves if they trained up on it. I remember it being claimed as one of the reasons the game was so solo friendly and so casual friendly. It would really be awesome if first aid could be a cool skill again!

  4. I hear ya on the bandages! No matter what level of skill I get my First Aid too, they never seem to heal enough HPs to be really effectual. Of course, maybe that's the plan to stop Warriors becoming too overpowered? 😀
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  5. Hugmenot says:

    I don't like the idea of a bandage providing a buff. Such items become just another thing which is mandatory to use in progression raiding and Blizzard would tune raid bosses with the assumption every progression raider is using it.

    A bandage which uses a lot of cloth (and maybe a fairly common ingredient) and heals for more (and maybe quicker) makes a lot more sense in my opinion.

    • isheepthings says:

      Thats the one part I wasn't entirely sold on either. I wouldn't want something like this to become yet another "how are we going to balance this now" issue in the slightest. I think it could still work though. As it was before 3.3.3, these buffs were only usable once every 4 days. If something like this went into place, you'd be able to use them more often but I say that if people would be willing to pay 30-40g for a buff like these then by all means let them. It wouldn't be much different then someone spending way too much money on guardian/battle elixirs only to have to reapply them after every wipe.

      I can recall hearing about the worlds first PTR kill for The Lich King being thrown out because the rogue using saronite bombs to boost his dps caused a game glitch. Now Blizzard had issue with them using the glitch but not the bombs really. If a player wants to boost his dps by a teeny tiny amount through the use of expensive expendables then go for it…this game needs a few more gold sinks anyway :)

  6. Garroa says:

    Before all the alpha stuff was taken down, I saw a Dense Embersilk bandage which healed for 34k over 8 seconds. Granted they have said that HP pools are going to be vastly inflated, but that is still a ton of healing.

  7. bjr0che says:

    And why oh why is it that bandages of all things are totally useless when you have a bleed debuff on you? Isn't the whole point of bandages to stop bleeding?

  8. notos says:


    [quote]First Aid

    * Bandages will have a short cast time and put a heal over time effect on the target for 8 seconds. This effect is broken by damage.
    * Three new bandages! That's right: THREE!

    Bandage preview:

    * "Dense Embersilk Bandage" Heals for 34,800 over 8 seconds. Requires 3 Embersilk to create.

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