WoW Zones IRL

Whoa this is amazing.  A few days ago I told you guys about  Well today they posted some of the most fantastic wow screen shots I have ever seen.  No these are not just screen caps of wow on a awesome video card with all the settings cranked, these are shots of warcraft zones compared to real zones…you know…like in real life?  It’s crazy sometimes how often we tie our lives outside the game with our lives inside of the game. After seeing these I’m reminded that the zone designers have to have taken their inspiration from somewhere.  I’d love to see the “actual” images that they used as inspiration for creating these zones.


Visit the site to see more.  The project isn’t complete… Csulok only has 23 of the 62 zones done.  So if you want to help contribute to the project be sure to let them know!

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9 Responses to WoW Zones IRL

  1. Polly says:

    Not a bad project however I would argue that Icecrown is based off of Morodor from LOTR with a hue of blue :)

  2. Rhii says:

    Those are GORGEOUS. Not all of the real photos look real to me though… where'd he find the Zangarmarsh mushrooms?!

  3. isheepthings says:

    There are several winks and nods at LOTR in that zone I think…most noteibly the sinister wrath "gate" and the quests to open up the shadow vault called Its all fun and games where you have to destroy that eye on top of a tall pointy tower.

  4. Rhii says:

    You really are a master of weird trivia. 😛

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