What Blizzard should do: Revisit Alterac Valley

I’m a casual battleground player.  I’m not actively seeking PvP gear to augment my character at the moment so when I do enter in a battleground its just for a change in scenery.  Its not that I don’t like battlegrounds (…well I do hate WSG), its that they don’t really have a true PvP feel to me.  There is no real strategy when playing with a PUG.  The only strats I see in battlegrounds are split into two classes.  The first class is the “Do your own thing” class and the second is “Yell at the first class INCAPS!!!”.  I think Blizzard has more or less given up on putting a fair amount of effort into battlegrounds and instead have focused their attention on Arenas and Arena balance.  Blizzard should revisit Alterac Valley.

If you weren’t around for patch 1.05 (6/7/05) then man, you missed out.  Alterac Vally was da bomb!  A few quests still exist to this day that originated when it launched but they have little impact on the outcome of the battle.  Now you simply cap towers and then kill a guy.  Back then you had a constant ebb and flow of players up and down the map to gain ground, you actually NEEDED to do the quest to make headway, there was a raid boss in the middle of the field of strife, snowfall graveyard was held by elite neutral trolls, there was even an item that allowed you see all enemy units on the map.  How crazy was all that?  You had to send stealth squads into the enemy area to kill mobs for mount harnesses, dedicate a few people to capturing and farming the mines, rescue flight masters, make trips back to the base to “feed” those flight masters, summon a 100ft tall elemental giant(who dropped unique loot BTW) to help you all while trying to cap a few towers and kill a guy.  Sure it took forever but that’s what was so epic about it.  Sometimes you could leave and then join up 18 hours later and the same battle was going on.  That was fantastic.  I would much rather hear that the faction bosses were killed as big news like a server first.  I suppose Blizzard didn’t think enough people were getting AV marks so they removed the trolls and I believe shortened the life span of the bosses so killing the mid level bosses or capping towers became pointless.  As seen here


Every now and then they come in with a patch note tweaking the HP and damage of these bosses but no real plans have ever been made to utalize what quests are still part of AV but are never used.  I know Blizzard doesn’t like to visit old content but this isn’t like a raid or instance that gets run by a handful of people.  This is the most farmed battleground of all time for honor.  Lets show it some love!

First, make the reinforcements scale to an elite level of 80.  This would make them pack more of a punch.  Second, lets increase resource gathering.  Lets use gathering and crafting professions.  If you have mining skill, you can mine nodes in the captured mines.  If you are a skinner, skin several pieces of hide from enemy mobs for mounts.  If you herb, pick herbs that will be used for NPC buffs or special alchemy vendors that give awesome buff potions.  Maybe if you are an alchemist you can make those potions or set up an alchemy lab near the front lines that vends these pots like the engineer class in Team Fortress type games.  Blacksmiths maybe can craft armor scraps into a “drums of battle” type buff that gives the 10% armor buff to those around him.  The point is there is lots of potential here that isn’t being used.  Blizzard is incredibly creative and I think back when they gave up on some of the original ideas for AV, the shelved the idea of going back and taking another swing at what I believe to be one of the coolest battle grounds out there.  

I’d like to see something like this put in place but sadly I’m sure Blizzard has already done the calculations on it.  Player complaint’s equal X.  Level of programming effort equals Y.  If X<Y then do nothing and mention “it is being considered but no news yet on when it might find its way into a patch”.  Anyways…its What Blizzard Should Do.

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6 Responses to What Blizzard should do: Revisit Alterac Valley

  1. Psynister says:

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  2. Psynister says:

    It would probably help if I actually put my comment in….

    Sounds like an excellent idea to me. I like the idea of actually being able to do something and working together with skills that not everyone shares in a BG.

    • isheepthings says:

      Yeah and it has a micro feel of the Gates of AQ war effort world event. That was an awesome world event. I hope we do something like that again for when we storm icecrown.

  3. Zupa says:

    I agree with you about the old AV 100%. It was epic!

    It is getting a bit tired now and I miss the crazy stuff going on all over the place which was, of course, a result of all the quests you mention, the NPCs and the summoned mobs. What was the name of that big evil bastard in the middle who would cause havoc to whichever faction was nearby?

    They took him out quite early in the piece because of how tough he was and the chaos he caused, but damn. That was fun.

    Nothing to upset your battle plans like a giant elemental with a bad attitude :)

  4. gnomeaggedon says:

    I missed the original AV "by that much", but I have seen some epic battles.

    I think the biggest problem with the epic battles is the length, in that you either commit to PvE, with some quick occasional forays into AV, or your set a day aside for AV.

    By this I mean that although some people may be logged in all day, it is unlikely that anyone will raid for more than 5 hours in a stretch and generally 3 hours seems to be the rule.

    PvP for 18 hours… that's too hard… but the reason it's a problem is the lack of reward for joining the battle for 30 minutes or 1/2 hour.

    Realistically the current reward model is based around a victory (although you can gain more honor through a loss at times).

    Someone, maybe Euripedes, was talking about an alternative method for rewarding contribution in battlegrounds. This is what is needed in AV. A way to make it worthwhile taking a graveyard, or defending the base, or crafting as you suggest. No you can't AFK farm for 18 hours, but if you join up and take some strategic action for 1/2 hour, it was worth your while.

    When you leave the BG, and reinforcements in the form of other players arrive, they too get rewarded.

    If the battle lasts 3 days, songs will be written about the 5,000 that took the field.

    • isheepthings says:

      Yeah I think Blizzard is older and wiser now and could come up with some awesome ideas to revisit this battleground (and others)

      They should give out MVP awards…give a badge for when you cap a flag, do most damage/healing, most defends etc. That way if you really influenced the map in some way, you get rewarded…too often you just have people doing their own thing which makes actually winning a match next to impossible.

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