WoW Patch 3.0 – Gold sink in disguise

Well as many of you probably know already, World of Warcraft patch 3.0 will be hitting live servers “SoonTM” and that means we’ll be getting all kinds of toys to keep us occupied before Northrend opens up and Death Knights are unleashed upon Azeroth and beyond. Many new changes are afoot and the realms will be all abuzz with the activities in store. Much like the Olympics, NPC vendors and Player vendors (read: Auction house) alike are about to have their coffers filled. Let’s take a look at where all this money will be going…

  • New class spells and talents. Hopefully Blizzard will be giving us free respecs with this major change. I’d be seriously surprised if they didn’t. When patch 2.0 hit before The Burning Crusade I can recall they reset the talents. Not sure if we simply got one or many. In Beta, talent respecs cost 1c however I can’t see that going live. Probably what will happen is we will see 3.0 hit the test servers a bit first, then go live. Either way, NPC’s get the money so … Gold sink.
  • Barbershops in capital cities. I believe the shave and hair cuts are going for around 10g a pop on beta. I’m pretty sure this doesn’t scale like respec cost. Pure NPC interaction so…Gold sink.
  • Zeppelin towers outside of Orgrimmar and Tirisfal Glades. I have been avoiding Orgrimmar or Tirisfal Glades Tax for years now and I’m not about to start shelling out my hard earned raid gold on these frivolous government expenditures. I’m a mage, I’ll conjure a boat if I have to. No Gold spent…No Gold Gained.
  • Stormwind Harbour. Same goes for you smelly alliance. I ain’t paying for what I ain’t usin. I hear they use non Union folk anyway…always gripin about “Moor Work?” No Gold spent…No Gold Gained.
  • In-game guild calendar. Unless Blizzard starts tacking on Data plan charges on our new in game PDA, this one should be free as well. No Gold spent…No Gold Gained.
  • Hunter pet skill revamp. Don’t follow huntards that closely but would guess this falls closely under the category of Class spells and talents. NPC’s get the money so … Gold sink.
  • New profession: Inscription. Yeah…hello overpriced herbs. Get them while they are hot folks because when 3.0 hits. Those herbs dealers on the corner are going to be living the good life. NPC’s get a bit of cash for training but the AH price gouging will leave the players both wealthy and destitute…Gold sink (due to NPC training, player gold exchange leaves a net 0 change for economy).
  • Two brand-new Arenas featuring challenging new layouts, terrain hazards, and moving obstacles. While this doesn’t really cost money, players have heard that in Wrath their Arena points get set to zero. Combine that with new Arena’s to play in, we should be seeing people get more PvP gear and thus enchanting will well be shelling out to other players…(No real change here I suppose)

And that’s all that was officially mentioned at this time. However we do know that there will be other gold sinks coming, more of which could possibly hit in 3.0 but have yet to be mentioned. These are not official in 3.0 but I thought I’d list them here

  • Vanity pets and Mounts will no longer take bag space. Hrmmm…how is this a gold sink? It’s the Pokemon syndrome. Now that Blizzard has removed the bag space barrier, it will be all the easier to simply buy the different variations of your favorite mounts. Do I feel like riding the Red Skeletal Horse or the Blue one? And collecting tons of vanity pets isn’t cheep.
  • Raid Changes. This one is a bit of a stretch but with all of the class and talent changes, we can probably expect a lot of wiping to our epic gear. Matt over at has a good guest from Aylii post on the Epic Failing of raids in 3.0.
  • Itemization. Will the spell power change cause people to rethink their gear and swap out for new sets before WotLK? If so, that’ll be the same as new PvP gear…yay enchanting.
  • Achievements. Most of the achievements can be finished without setting foot on Northrend. This includes some such as obtaining a Cenarian War Hippogryph from the reputation category.

All of this should put a slight damper on your gold purse but I think its safe to say Blizzard will make sure we have repair costs and training expenses covered in Wrath of the Lich King.

Can you think of any more?  Will you profit or will you be poor?

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5 Responses to WoW Patch 3.0 – Gold sink in disguise

  1. Medros says:

    If it weren’t for getting into the beta, I would likely be close to 5k now. I have noticed in the beta that I have made about 600g in the 70-73 push, so I am not concerned with much about all this. I worry more about the mod apocalypse that is likely.

    Medross last blog post..What the 3.0 announcement may mean

  2. Zupa says:

    Ah yes the mod apocalypse. I wasn’t worried about that until now. I shall commence worrying momentarily.

    I am always poor, and I really can’t see that changing.

    I am going to try really really really hard though, to get myself a druid. I will teach him herbalism and inscription and annoy people greatly in pvp.

    Then I will stockpile as many herbs as I can, pump inscription all the way to 375, all before the expansion goes live.

    Yeah totally. I’m going to do all that.

    Zupas last blog post..Spend em if you got em!

  3. Juggz says:

    I for one welcome our Goldsink overlords!

    Juggzs last blog post..Behind the Toons: Darrken

  4. Mae says:

    I think I’m probably going to be driven to the poor house, honestly. lol. I’ve been trying to save up as much gold as possible to prepare, and though I’m doing okay, I could be doing better and giving it more effort… especially since I have 4 70’s lol. But, I don’t know that there’s enough hours in the day to do 100 dailies. =P

    I’m fairly excited about the expansion, though, I can’t wait for it, gold sink or no! 😀

    Maes last blog post..Bye Bye Kael, it was night knowin’ ya!!

  5. Aurdon says:

    @Medros, Yeah I’m not worried too much about gold by the time Wrath hits. It seems that Blizzard has figured out their formula to have enough gold flow to cover costs of leveling. I think I’m just looking at 3.0 as the first introduction to some of these micro gold sinks that Blizzard had mentioned.

    @Zupa I “think” I’ll probably want to be on the side of herb dealing instead of herb doing. Perhaps if I start soon enough I can amass enough to go ahead and grind up as well. I would like to have one to compliment my enchanting on Aurdon.

    @Juggz yes I too cringe when I hear so-and-so has 15k gold or so-and-so lost 25k in a hack. Nobody needs that much anyway and it just continues to inflate the economy.

    @Mae Yeah I hear you on having several 70’s. The fastest way to spend more gold is to have more characters spending it.

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